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BIW Welding Fixture Design Training Institute In Deccan

BIW welding Fixture design Training

BIW Welding Fixture Design Training Institute In Deccan
BIW Welding Fixture Design Training Institute In Deccan

BIW (Body in white) refers to the stage in automobile manufacturing in which a car body's sheet metal components have been welded together. Body in White suggests the term derives from the appearance of a car body after it is dipped into a white bath of primer. In car design, the Body in White phase refers to the phase in which the final contours of the car body are worked out, in preparation for ordering of the expensive production stamping die. Extensive computer simulations of crash worthiness, manufacturability, and automotive aerodynamics are required before a clay model from the design studio can be converted into a Body in White ready for production. Welding requires specialized fixtures to accurately hold the work piece geometrically during the welding operation.

Course Content

  • Introduction to BIW Welding fixture design
    • Definition of BIW
    • BIW Welding Fixture Domain
    • Terminology and its Definition
  • Inputs required for BIW Welding Fixture Design
  • What is 3-2-1 Principle?
  • How Clamp unit is designed?
  • How Pin Unit is Designed?
  • What is Shimming? Why Minimum shim size of 0.5mm in BIW is used?
  • Materials used for Various BIW Welding fixture items
  • What is the Role of Pneumatic/Hydraulics in BIW?
  • What is Geo Station?
  • What is Re-Spot Station?
  • Types of Weld Guns used for Robotic Welding.

Note: The course syllabus changes as per the Industry needs.

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